Our products  Electric Fan Heater are small and do not take up space Put aside Do not grab the position with other items Warm people's hearts Understand your warmth Desktop mini electric heater, a small figure full of warmth Wide area Wide angle heating Give you a large range of comfort and warmth Create an exclusive warm corner Three seconds fast heating Heat block to give you warmth Let the exquisite design into home life, adding beauty to life Set on the ground, table, low stool are beautiful. When warmth meets safety 500W power supply does not trip Safety does not burn hands, say goodbye to hidden dangers Student dormitory can be used, warm hands do not burn heart Multiple protection Warm heart and peace of mind Fireproof shell The body is made of flame retardant materials Give you strict protection. Temperature control protection High temperature overheating protection abnormal heating automatic power off exquisite details flame retardant air outlet flame retardant mesh air outlet design does not deformation centralized air outlet, temperature rise obviously. High-performance switch Temperature adjustment is convenient and can give you warmth. Fence type air inlet The air inlet is unobstructed and the air output is enhanced. Large area to introduce cold air, the air comes out quickly and warms up quickly. Stable base It is more convenient and quick to keep warm anywhere.