Our product Solar Lithium Iron Battery origin is Liaoning, China and the battery type is Lithium Ion, the battery type is Lithium Iron Phosphate. Warranty period is 1 year, nominal voltage is 51.2 V. The number of cycles is 6000. The range of use is in the power storage category. With CE certification. Charging voltage is 58.4V, discharge current is 100A, standard capacity is 100AH~200AH.

High se curity.built-in BMS multiple protection communication  function  real-time monitoring data.Space-saving modular design for small volume and easy installation.Long life 80%1 DOD discharge depth The battery cycle life is greater than 6000 times.Consistency High Low Internal resistance ensures consistency of battery string discharge.Large -capacity battery strings are connected in parallel to . meet large-capacity a pplication requirements.