Our product off-grid inverter originated from Liaoning, China, input voltage 24VDC/48VDC (V), output voltage 230VAC±5% (V), 230VAC±5%/120VAC±5%, 220VAC, output current 100A, 100A, output frequency 50Hz/60Hz, 50Hz/60Hz. output type single, size 240* 95*316mm/295*155*455mm. type DC/AC inverter, DC/AC inverter. Inverter efficiency 93%. Certificate CE, CE. 1 year warranty. Weight 7KG 13KG. waveform is pure sine wave device. Battery type lead acid, colloidal, lithium, custom batteries.
Main featuresHigh efficiency pure sine wave inverter, wide PV input range, high current intelligent 3 level AC charging.
Surge to 2 times the continuous power of the motor load for 5 seconds.
Intelligent function to prioritise mains and solar inputs.
Wide range of ULility inputs.
Field serviceable with replacement boards and spare parts.
Monitoring, troubleshooting or communication with USB/RS 232.
The system can be quickly configured as a compact wall-mounted system.
The inverter series can operate without batteries when the sun is available.
It is a versatile inverter/charger combining the functions of an inverter, solar charger and AC charger to provide uninterrupted power support in a portable size. Its integrated LCD display provides user-configurable, easy access to button operations such as battery charge current, AC/solar charger priority and acceptable input voltages based on different applications.