Our products Solar Water Heater are guaranteed for 5 years. Applications in hotels, commercial, homes. Power source is solar. Type is flat plate. Circulation type is indirect/closed loop (active). Connection type is inline
Mounting type is freestanding. Housing material is stainless steel. Place of origin is Liaoning, China.
Gives you more reasons to buy Long-term use also saves electricity. No carbon monoxide poisoning and other dangers. Stable and uninterrupted hot water supply. Large enough capacity for use. High quality materials, good tensile strength to ensure pressure bearing and long service life - colourful steel plates produced by large factories in various colours and styles, high strength, corrosion resistance, no fading and no paint stripping. Fluorine-free environmental protection, good heat preservation effect. -Adopt high quality intelligent controller, can be timed to stir, can control the temperature difference cycle bad. Various ways of pulling wires to meet the requirements of various lighting systems. -Using EPDM rubber feet, non-toxic and environmental protection, not easy to aging. Adopt mechanical temperature limiter to limit the temperature of the water tank to ensure the user's safety and not to be scalded. With safety valve, copper thimble, long service life, ensure the safety of the tank pressure. -Adopts anti-dry burning heating switch: electric heating dry burning, automatic power off, non-automatic reset, to ensure the safety of the water tank -Adopts negative pressure valve: to ensure that the water tank is not sucked away when negative pressure is generated.