Our products wall mounted water heater The after-sales service offered is free of charge for spare parts. The warranty period is 1 year. Applications are automotive, caravan, outdoor, hotel, garage, commercial, domestic, shower water. The power source is gas and the installation method is wall mounted. The housing material is plastic. Power 40 V. Voltage 220. origin Liaoning, China. Capacity is 12L-16L. The product name is Wall Mounted Gas Water Boiler. The advantage is the instantaneous heating of water. Type is general purpose gas water heater. The keyword is thermostatic gas water heater and the features are wall mounted Easy to install. Product name is instantaneous gas water heater LPG and the product type is domestic instantaneous gas water heater. The function is house heating
One-piece canopy The result of new technology Front-end design. Thermostatic Elite combines many skills Your many needs can be met. High density tempered explosion-proof panel. Forged at over 600°C. Automatic real-time detection system Intelligent shower safety first 99 safety prevention systems All-round real-time self-test Variable frequency wind resistance system (variable frequency fan intelligent adjustment). Flame failure and gas cut-off protection (to avoid accidents). Temperature abnormality prevention (to prevent sudden temperature changes from scalding) 40 minutes safety shutdown (to prevent excessive oxygen deprivation in the shower) All-weather safety self-test. Circuit hazard prevention (water and electricity isolation abnormal protection). New four-season temperature control Built-in temperature control sensor, according to the four seasons water temperature changes automatically adjust the appropriate temperature.