Our products water heaters The after-sales service offered is free of charge for spare parts. The warranty period is 1 year. Applications are automotive, caravan, outdoor, hotel, garage, commercial, domestic, shower water. The power source is gas. Installation is wall mounted. The housing is made of plastic and the power is 26 W. The origin is Liaoning, China. Capacity up to 13 L. The product name is Wall Mounted Gas Water Boiler. The advantage is the instantaneous heating of water. Type is general purpose gas water heater. Key words are thermostatic gas water heater. Features are wall mounted Easy to install Product name is instantaneous gas water heater LPG, product type is domestic instantaneous gas water heater, function is house heating

High wind pressure resistance and sealed combustion micro fire combustion technology say goodbye to sudden cold and sudden heat. Norburn windproof system L and other you wind and rain worry-free blower type DC brushless inverter fan. Intelligent windproof system that automatically increases the blower speed and increases the flue exhaust pressure when the outside wind speed becomes faster and the air pressure becomes greater. Effectively prevents gas backflow in windy weather, avoiding unstable water temperature and gas leakage caused by high winds, allowing comfortable showers even when the wind outside exceeds force 10.
No fear of high winds, say goodbye to smoke backflow stronger than you can imagine Wind-resistant adaptive system, comparable to a car turbocharger, allows more settings and external environment, external environment effect is more outstanding. Powerful wind resistance CPU intelligent control CPU intelligent control CPU intelligent control.