Our products Portable electric heater provides after-sales service with free spare parts, returns and replacements. The warranty period is 1 year
Specification is 2000W. can be applied in hotel, commercial, home, dormitory, office, etc. The power source is electric power. Heating element is PTC, PTC ceramic heating element. Installation methods are desktop, freestanding, portable. Functions are adjustable thermostat, overheat protection, remote control, flip protection, overheat protection. Uses are bedroom, garden, living room, etc. Origin is Liaoning, China, . material is flame retardant ABS. product name is PTC fan heater. Heater type is portable PTC electric heater. Features are automatic power-off protection. Heating element is PTC ceramic element. Colors are white and black.

Heater wholesale high performance portable electric heater
Double U-tube heating 360 degree heat cycle 360 degree three-dimensional heating, warmth without dead ends. Like the warm sun, not afraid of cold. 2000 double knob temperature adjustment Three kinds of temperature adjustment, free control temperature control Double U-tube heating Increase the heating area, the temperature rises faster, longer service life Sinopec high quality heat-conducting oil Safe and constant temperature High quality heat-conducting oil, high flash point, safe and constant temperature, heat lasting without decay, no need to change oil for life. Independent humidification box Warm and moist not dry. Side heating while humidifying, keep the room moist not dry intimate enjoy more comfortable warmth.