The origin of our product solar panels is Liaoning, China. Can be applied to solar power generation systems. The battery type single crystal power is 100W, the open circuit voltage is 21.45V and the weight is 5.7kg.Stacked tile technology is a technology in which cells are sliced and then welded into strings with a special conductive adhesive material. The cells are connected in a front-to-back stacked way,with no metal grid lines on the surface and no gaps between the cells, making full use of the available surface area of the module. This reduces the wire loss of traditional metal grid lines and greatly improves the conversion efficiency of the module.Stacked Tile Layout Each string is connected in parallel so that shadows or dirt do not partially affect the output voltage of the entire panel.Conventional Layout If the surface is partially shaded or soiled, the whole panel will lose the voltage of the affected lose the voltage of the affected