Our products Hybrid Inverter are guaranteed for 10 years and 5 years. The place of origin is Liaoning, China. The application area is domestic. Solar panel types are monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, half-cell monocrystalline silicon. Battery type is lead acid, lithium ion, LIPO4 lithium The controller type is MPPT, PWM and the installation type is ground mounted, roof mounted, carport mounted, BIPV mounted. Load power (W) is 3KW, 8KW, 6KW, 5KW, 10KW, other, custom. Output voltage (V) is 220/380 V. Output frequency is 50/60 HZ. product name is 10 kw solar system price. PV cable is 2.5mm2/ 4mm2/ 16mm2/ 25mm2/ 35mm2 installation support for flat roofs/ sloping roofs and ground. Keyword is solar panel kit for home use
The controller is of the MPPT type. Type is off-grid system AC. System type is solar off-grid system. Batteries are Gel/Lifepo4 lithium batteries
Solar panels - 25 year warranty - Half-cell solar panels up to 450W - Anti-reflection and anti-dirt surface for power loss from dirt and dust - Excellent mechanical load resistance - PID resistant, high resistance to salt and ammonia. Hybrid inverter - 5 years standard warranty - Maximum efficiency 99. 6%, European efficiency - Continuously adjustable power factor - Transformerless design and high power density, off lighter and more convenient installation - Flexible communication connection, supports RF WIFI. Up to 5KW single module (2 4KWh) - Compatible with most available hybrid inverters - Simple fastener fixing to minimise installation time and cost. Installation support. Residential roofs (sloped roofs) - Commercial roofs (flat and workshop roofs) Ground mounted solar mounting systems" vertical wall solar mounting systems - all aluminium structural solar mounting systems - car park solar mounting systems.