Our product electric heater. Desk/floor removable stubs Multi-purpose, removable stubs, high, medium and low level height adjustment to meet the heating needs of different environments. Circulating warm air Comfortable and warm in winter Stylish multifunctional desk/floor electric heater. Safety is a promise to you Multiple protection measures to keep you safe Elderly and pregnant women can use it safely. Warm and quiet Quiet company without disturbance Fast heating, low noise, even speed and high airflow Just a gentle warning. Simple control panel Three levels can be adjusted at will Meet different temperature requirements, heating is not limited Cold start air / 1 low heat / 2 high heat. Circulating warm airflowr Rapid heating of the whole house The powerful airflow of the heater can effectively increase the exchange rate of warm air in the room Accelerate the room temperature. Large angle shaking Warm air reaches every corner Large angle shaking of the head to send warm air to every corner of the room. Power off after the machine falls down Warm care Tilting more than 30 degrees will cut off the power to prevent accidents or safety hazards.