Choosing a small solar system suitable for one's own household needs to consider the following factors:
Household electricity demand: Firstly, you need to calculate the average daily electricity consumption in your home, including lighting, appliances, air conditioning, etc. This will help you determine the required solar system capacity.
Solar energy resources: Consider the sunlight conditions in your area. If there is sufficient sunlight in your area, the effectiveness of the solar system will be better.
Solar system capacity: Calculate the required solar system capacity based on household electricity demand and solar resources. Usually, the capacity range of a small home solar system is between 1-5 kilowatts (kW).
Component quality: Choose reliable solar component brands, such as solar panels, inverters, and batteries. Brand reputation and quality are factors that cannot be ignored in selection.
Budget: Select the corresponding solar system based on your budget. The price of small home solar systems is relatively low, but you still need to make a choice based on your budget.
Installation and maintenance: Understand the installation process and maintenance requirements of the system. If you do not have installation and maintenance skills, you may need to find professionals to install and maintain your solar system.
Finally, it is best to consult a professional solar installation company, who can provide you with more accurate suggestions and solutions based on your needs and situation. Remember to conduct thorough comparison and research to select the most suitable small solar system for your home use.