There are several methods to solve the problem of insufficient energy storage in small solar systems:

Using energy storage devices: Install batteries or energy storage devices to store excess energy collected during the day for use at night or on cloudy days. This can ensure that the system continues to operate in the event of insufficient energy supply.

Network access: Connect small solar systems to the power grid and obtain energy from the grid when solar energy supply is insufficient. When the solar energy generated by the system exceeds the demand, the excess energy can be sold to the grid in exchange for compensation or to offset the cost of system operation.

Energy management system: Use an intelligent energy management system to adjust the distribution and use of energy based on actual energy needs. This can ensure that the system prioritizes meeting the energy needs of key equipment in case of insufficient energy supply, avoiding system interruptions.

Emergency backup generator: Set up a backup generator, which can provide additional energy supply when the energy generated by a small solar system is insufficient. Although this method uses traditional energy sources, it can ensure stable power supply of the system at critical moments.

The above methods can be selected or combined according to specific circumstances to ensure the continuous operation of small solar systems in the event of insufficient energy storage.