The characteristics of solar panels mainly include the following aspects:

1. Clean energy: solar energy is natural, clean, non-polluting, and does not release greenhouse gases and other harmful substances. The use of solar power generation systems can reduce the impact on the earth and protect the environment. It is a very environmentally friendly energy source.

2. Long life and easy maintenance: The life of solar panels is as long as 20-30 years or longer, does not require regular replacement or maintenance, and usually does not require any manual intervention.

3. Low cost: Solar panels only require low maintenance costs during use, do not need to purchase fuel, and energy costs are very low, especially in areas far away from grid power supply, using solar panels can greatly reduce energy costs.

4. No noise: solar panels do not require any mechanical equipment to operate, will not generate noise, and will not cause any disturbance to the surrounding environment, which is very suitable for use in cities and residential areas.

5. Mobility: Solar panels can be moved to places that need lighting or electricity at any time, which is very convenient and easy to deal with emergencies.

In practical applications, solar panels can be widely used in houses, villages, schools, hospitals, agriculture, water conservancy and other fields, becoming one of the important energy sources to promote sustainable development and improve people's lives.