What is the difference between IP55 and IP65 protection levels?

The IP55 and IP65 have the same water resistance but different dust resistance levels

IP55 dustproof: refers to the electrical equipment internal and external without heat circulation of the air convection pressure difference, can dust, namely static dust;

IP65 dustproof: refers to the electrical equipment (electrical cabinet) in due to the requirements of heat circulation and internal and external pressure difference forced air convection heat dissipation, should be dustproof, that is, dynamic dustproof, usually refers to the filter fan operation formed forced convection, also dustproof; According to the standard, the IP55 filter fan shall not be dust-proof when the fan operation produces internal and external convection heat dissipation caused by the wind pressure difference

The filter fan that can achieve IPX5 waterproof and is used for convection heat dissipation of electric cabinet is relatively few. The type test test of CNAS laboratory should be needed, because the IPX5 waterproof electric cabinet is usually used outdoors

When the waterproof IPX4 filter fan is used in the outdoor electric cabinet, rain water is easy to be pumped into the electric cabinet when the fan runs air convection heat dissipation

Now the electric cabinet is usually equipped with control devices and distribution devices, such devices (such as circuit boards), afraid of dust, afraid of humidity and rain, so the outdoor electric cabinet or air forced on the flow of thermoelectric cabinet filter fan protection level should not be less than IP65